what is the CPC?

We provide Data Analysis, Training Info, and Outreach as we collaboratively advise the Township of South Orange Village regarding its oversight of the Village Police Department

Subcommittees are made up of volunteers from the community

What We Do


We work with the police department to collect and analyze data on officer interactions within the community.


We assess, analyze and make recommendations regarding police officer training.


We educate and inform you about how the community and police department are working together to make South Orange a safe, equitable and fair community.

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Why working together is important

In these challenging times, coming together as a Village to provide …

  • Equity
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Social Work Assistance

Two Categories!

1) Voices from the Community – These are posts from the community at large, which have been fact-checked and posted as opinions from the public. They do NOT reflect the opinions or positions of the CPC itself.

2) Posts from the CPC – These are posts that convey points of view that were approved by the CPC as a whole.

Community Posts and Official CPC Posts

Local PBA Partners with Parenting Center on Food Drive

By South Orange PD The Acting Chief of the South Orange Police Department, Captain Stephen Dolinac, has issued an official Commendation to PBA Local 12 and President Chris Chery for their generous donation to the Parenting Center food drive. As noted in the Commendation, it was written “to extend many thanks and deep appreciation forContinue reading “Local PBA Partners with Parenting Center on Food Drive”

Social Work Outreach Team Starts Accepting Referrals from SOPD, Rescue Squad

By Community Care & Justice Program The Outreach Team of the Community Care & Justice program officially began receiving referrals from the South Orange Police Department and Rescue Squad on Monday, October 18.  The Community Care & Justice program was initiated by South Orange Village President Sheena Collum and is a collaboration between the SouthContinue reading “Social Work Outreach Team Starts Accepting Referrals from SOPD, Rescue Squad”

SOPD, CC&J, Seton Hall and Others Join with Allan Houston’s FISLL Program

(Photo credit Alia C. Covel) By Alia C. Covel (reprinted from TAPinto article dated 10/16/21) SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — NBA legend Allan Houston brought The FISLL Project to Seton Hall University  on Tuesday to continue the success of his foundation’s nationwide mentoring program. SHU is a partner in South Orange’s Community Care and Justice Program, along with Essex County,Continue reading “SOPD, CC&J, Seton Hall and Others Join with Allan Houston’s FISLL Program”