CPC Analyzes Beta Version of State’s New “Use of Force” Database

By Annemarie Maini, CPC Member

[Updated 11/4/2021]

The State of New Jersey, in an effort to improve transparency in law enforcement has launched the beta version of a website that will catalog every use of force by every police officer in the Garden State. The data, which state officials began collecting in October 2020, will allow members of the public to review the details of each incident.

The CPC has taken a first look at this new “Use of Force” database and the results are in the first attached document, which can be downloaded by the public.

A follow-up policy review was presented at the July 8, 2021 monthly meeting of the South Orange CPC. The supplemental review is attached in an additional document below.

In addition, most recently another policy review was presented at the September 8, 2021 monthly meeting of the CPC. that review is attached below. Following that review, the presentation was updated in November for the rolling year, October 2020 through September 2021, and that update is presented below as well.

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