Community Care & Justice Program Wants Your Input!

Link to Survey:

By Donna Coallier, South Orange Village Trustee and CPC Liaison

South Orange is partnering with Essex County and Seton Hall University to create and launch a social work pilot called the Community Care & Justice Program. The CC&J mission: to engage community members in designing and traveling their own wellness journeys, with a particular focus on protecting and elevating our most vulnerable and our youth. CC&J might include 911 Diversion, Restorative Practice Councils, Dialogue on How To Be An Anti-Racist, Community and First Responder Mental Health Awareness Training and more.

We have launched a survey to help identify CC&J priorities and we need your eyes and ears and input!

What values should drive our program? Where do you see a need for social work? How can we empower our community members to improve their mental health and wellness? How can we supplement Village law enforcement services to improve public safety in our community? Please help us to with these questions and more by completing the survey at the link below. And, thank you in advance for your commitment to CC&J.

Link to Survey:

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