Local PBA Partners with Parenting Center on Food Drive

By South Orange PD

The Acting Chief of the South Orange Police Department, Captain Stephen Dolinac, has issued an official Commendation to PBA Local 12 and President Chris Chery for their generous donation to the Parenting Center food drive.

As noted in the Commendation, it was written “to extend many thanks and deep appreciation for the generosity of the entire PBA” for their donation of 26 turkeys to help provide Thanksgiving meals to local families in need.

The food drive on November 20th was a community-wide effort to provide Thanksgiving meals to local families, as well as share food via the new Community Fridge & Pantry in Maplewood. Several members of the PBA, as well as some Board of Ed members and Village Trustees showed up for the event.

Members of the PBA who participated were (left to right in the photo) P/O Darrell Terry, P/O Jose Albino, Sgt. John NIedzinski, P/O John Pak, Det. Miguel Hunt, P/O (& PBA Pres.) Chris Chery, P/O Dylan O’Connor, P/O Travis Cooper, P/O Mike Pannullo, P/O Jim Nugent. Members of the BOE present were Thair Joshua (President) and Chris Sabin. BOT members included Bob Zuckerman and Summer Jones, as well as Village President Sheena Collum.

Captain Dolinac notes that “Under the leadership of PBA President Chris Chery you have started a great partnership in this community that you can build upon to help many more families. I hope that this is only the beginning of the great things that you as PBA members can accomplish when you come together to benefit others.”

The entire Commendation is posted below.

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