Body Worn Cameras Now Being Used by SO Police

By the CPC and SO Police Dept.

The South Orange Police Department has announced that it has deployed body-worn video cameras on their police officers.

The cameras will be used as per the South Orange Police Department Body-Worn Camera Policy which is in accordance with guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General and directives issued by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. (see link below)

According to the NJ OAG BWC Directive, a body worn camera (“BWC”) “is a device worn by a law enforcement officer that makes an electronic audio and video recording of activities that take place during any law enforcement action. The term does not include a mobile video recording device when mounted inside a police vehicle (i.e., a dash cam). The term also does not include any form of electronic recording device worn by a law enforcement officer while acting in an undercover capacity … BWC footage provides objective evidence of what occurred and plays a crucial role in the public discourse around police accountability. BWCs also serve as a powerful deterrent to misconduct by both the police and members of the public interacting with police. As such, BWCs have gained wide support among public and law enforcement, alike. The policies and standards established in this Policy are designed to help police departments achieve an optimal balance between potentially competing interests.”

All uniformed police officers assigned to the SOPD Patrol Division will be utilizing these cameras to increase the quality of interactions with our community and to more accurately capture encounters. 

Officers will announce the use of the cameras, when appropriate, which will be visibly attached to the exterior of their police uniform. These cameras (see photo with this article) are worn by SOPD Officers on the front/center of their uniform shirt.

For more information on the NJ Attorney General Directive governing body-worn camera use, click here: NJ OAG BWC Directive

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