SOPD Gives Tips for Keeping Your Deliveries Safe

By SO Police Dept. and CPC

The South Orange Police Department encourages everyone to be aware of packages and presents on doorsteps and to take steps to monitor and keep them safe for yourselves and your neighbors during this holiday season. They have issued the following tips for residents.

  • Have packages delivered to your workplace or a business drop off/pick up.
  • Track your items when the information is available, to know when they are due to be delivered.
  • If you will not be home to receive your package, ask a neighbor to watch for the delivery vehicle & give them permission to take possession of the item until you return.
  • Avoid letting deliveries sit out in the open on your porch or at your front door. Ask the delivery company to place items in inconspicuous areas, such as back door area or behind fixtures or plantings where they cannot be readily observed from your sidewalk or street.
  • Consider adding a surveillance device to catch deliveries when they occur, so that you can notify a neighbor to help you or to help catch a thief in the act of taking parcels.
  • Be alert to vehicles that pass by your home several times in a short period of time. Many thieves case the neighborhood before they act.
  • Weather is not a factor; don’t believe that the cold will keep thieves away.
  • Many people do not hear or see what is happening outside their front door. Be a good neighbor, when a delivery truck stops outside their home, inform them. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your property as well.
  • Keep your doors locked, even when you are home.

The SOPD and CPC wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!!

Attached is a flyer with information for you to share.

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